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Everybody has a destiny, but not many people decide to follow it. One thing that celebrities have in common is that they have all transformed their lives and destinies. “Destiny” gives you an unprecedented look at the life of a celebrity whose future was written in the stars. For one whole day, a presenter will join a celebrity for a unique and incomparable experience: a voyage back in time! Back to their roots, before they had achieved their destiny, back when there were still choices, in the place where everything began. Watch them return to their old haunts and meet up again with people, objects, tastes and smells… this promises to be a pilgrimage that awakens all five senses as the celebrity relives the key moments of their past. It is an opportunity to return to the events that allowed their destiny to unfold. Step back in time to a place where memories, laughter and astonishment are waiting. 


Factual Entertainment - 90 minutes - Format

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