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The Banquet is a culinary hunting game where two chefs coaching two teams of amateur compete to prepare a banquet based on local products of the region.


In each episode of The Banquet, we discover the specialities of a different region. 


Two well known chefs come to face a challenge :  to prepare a banquet for forty people in just one day!


To meet the challenge, each chef has the help of a team of six amateurs : four team members will help the chefs in the kitchen and the other two will go off to hunt down gastronomic treasures. To be successful in this the hunters must be sporty, tough and resourceful enough to find the best of local products in the region and bring it back for their team.


The chefs will have to improvise their menus, coach the amateur cooks and manage the inevitable disasters to serve up the best dishes in the allowed time.


The deadline has to be met as forty local residents will arrive in the afternoon to enjoy the banquet.  And they must not be too disappointed as they will be voting for the team that has made the most with their local products. 


For the winning team the adventure continues in the semi-finals where they will face another competitor in a new region and its culinary treasures!


Culinary Hunting Game - 7 x 90 minutes - Format

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